Trade Event Monthly Recap | October

Trade Event Monthly Recap | October

At Exports News, we like to make sure our readers know what’s going on in the world of international trade. We’ve recapped the biggest events that happened in October – be sure to stay tuned for November’s events!
ECTI University Export Controls 2019 – 10/14/19 – 10/17/19 
This event focused on comprehensive and practical EAR, ITAR, and OFAC compliance training and the issues relevant to universities, research laboratories, and companies that collaborate with these organizations.
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CEATEC Japan 2019 – 10/15/19 – 10/18/19
CEATEC had exhibitors like manufacturers of home and personal appliances. For example, digital home appliances, mobile network, car electronics, service providers of software and content service, manufacturers of digital office equipment, retailers, dealers, wholesalers, experts, and IT professionals, service providers of advanced services and technology, etc. All attendees exhibited a wide range of products related to the IT and electronics sector.
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China Import and Export Fair (Phase 1) – 10/15/19 – 10/19/19
The first phase of the China Import and Export Fair displayed products in the field of Electronics and Household Electrical Appliances, Lighting Equipment, Electronic and Electrical Products, Electronic Security equipment, Business Automation Equipment, Transmission Line Hardware and much more.
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Canton Fair International Pavilion (Phase 1) – 10/15/19 – 10/19/19
The first phase of the Canton Fair International Pavilion is the largest trade fair. It has a massive scale, a complete exhibit variety, and a broad distribution of overseas buyers. It provided attendees a great way to present their products and technical developments to the public and provided access to professional, proactive buying audiences around the world.
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The U.S.-China Agriculture Trade Service Center is excited to bring the 2ND US-CHINA Agriculture and Foods Trade Forum to Los Angeles.
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Medical Japan in Tokyo – 10/23/19 – 10/25/19
MEDICAL JAPAN, consisting of 6 specialized shows: Medical Devices and Hospital Equipment Expo, Hospital BPO Services Expo, Medical IT Expo, Elderly Care and Nursing Expo, Community Care Expo and Medical Device Development Expo, is Japan’s leading trade show. A large number of medical and elderly care experts will visit and have active negotiations/consultations with the exhibitors at the venue.
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Japan IT Week Autumn – 10/23/19 – 10/25/19
This is the largest IT trade show in the second half of the year, consisting of 12 IT specialized shows such as Cloud Computing Expo Japan, Information Security Expo, AI and Business Automation Expo, and more.
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Canton Fair – China Import and Export Fair (Phase 2) – 10/23/19 – 10/27/19
The second phase of the Canton Fair is the largest trade fair for imports and exports. The event provides importing and exporting of various foreign goods and services from all corners of the world and aims to maintain a healthy and friendly relationship with countries worldwide. The event also provides an immense opportunity for all businesses and professionals to interact with one another and expand their networks worldwide. Event features from various sectors like Consumer Goods, Home Decorations, Gifts, etc. It will serve as a platform for exhibitors to demonstrate their strengths, uplift their brand images, and exchange information for exhibitors from home and abroad.
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TRADE FEST II – 10/25/19 – 10/26/19
The biggest Trade Night on the West Coast. 2 days to buy, sell, and trade business cards. Big Buyers! Huge Raffle. Upper Deck. Beckett Grading. COMC.
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International Tourism and Travel Show – 10/25/19 – 10/27/19
International Tourism & Travel Show is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world, attracted prospective travelers preparing for their trips, discovering new destinations, and seeking expert advice on their future holiday destinations. More than a hundred countries represented through their tourism offices, tour operators or travel agents.
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Tourism EXPO Japan 2019 – 10/24/19 – 10/27/19 
The world’s largest annual festival, where destinations from each country/region, as well as travel places in Japan, are gathering together just for this opportunity.
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